Weleda Calcareous restorer 1+2 2 X 45g

Weleda Reconstituant calcaire 1+2 2 X 45 g - Médecine Complémentaire Genève

Weleda Calcareous restorer 1+2 2 X 45g

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Weleda Calcareous Restorer can be used to promote the building of bones and teeth in children, in case of increased need for calcium such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition the product is useful in case of propensity to urticaria, in case of deficient assimilation of nutritional substances and in case of nutritional disorders in the elderly. The restorative consists of two complementary preparations that take into account the two different metabolic situations of the body day and night. Together they regulate and harmonize above all the process of calcification.

Weleda 1 Calcareous Restorer contains apatite in dynamized form, a natural fluorinated calcium phosphate as well as a pumpkin flower extract. Together, these components stabilize the neurosensory system while stimulating the assimilation of calcium provided by food.

The Weleda 2 Calcareous Replenisher contains an energized trituration of oyster shells and an addition of oak bark extract. It therefore constitutes the nutritional part of this combination and promotes the assimilation of nutrients. It is therefore taken in the evening, when the assimilating metabolic organization predominates.

Using advice:

Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, take Weleda Lime Restorer as follows:

Calcareous restorer 1 Weleda in accordance with its action on diurnal catabolism, take in the morning the amount of a knife point before the meal. Calcareous replenisher 2 Weleda in accordance with its action on nocturnal assimilation, take the amount of a knife tip in the evening before the meal.

Take Weleda Calcareous Restorer regularly for 2 to 3 months. Then observe a break of about 2 weeks to avoid the risk of addiction and therefore a reduction in the effect. Then continue the treatment. The formula is suitable for infants, from the 4th month. Please follow the dosage given on the package insert or prescribed by your doctor. If the infant/child's expected improvement does not occur, have him examined by a doctor. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist if you think that the effectiveness of the medicine is too weak or on the contrary too strong.

These are authorized drugs. Please read the package insert.

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