Brittle, soft, split nails

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    It is often said that our nails, apart from their essential function of protecting our fingers, are a reflection of our personality. Taking care of it means respecting and valuing yourself. An essential gesture in the quest for physical and mental well-being!

    To do To avoid
    Make sure you have a balanced diet: deficiencies in vitamins, mineral salts, calcium, and certain proteins weaken the nails
    Repeated weight loss diets, which can lead to deficiencies
    Put on gloves to use water with detergent, or any other aggressive products
    Shocks or pressure of the nails against objects
    Use hand cream as often as you want, especially when your hands are heavily strained (frequent washing, contact with detergents, chemicals, etc.)
    To apply a colored varnish without prior application of a protective base and the repeated application of false nails.
    32 products
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