Resist stress better by trace elements

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A. Prescription to treat a pathology with a therapeutic means

What to do to strengthen your organization?

We offer you a cure based on trace elements. These are micronutrients present in very small quantities in our body which are essential for its proper functioning. These elements are not produced by our body, we find them in our daily diet. In times of stress, we deplete our trace element reserves more significantly. If you add to this a poor diet, problems can begin. Malnutrition prevents the body from obtaining these essential micronutrients for our biological balance. There are several causes:

o The poverty of the soils subjected to intensive agriculture and therefore the quality of the fruits and vegetables picked barely ripe

o Industrial processing of flour, rice, dairy products, sugar

o Veterinary treatment and living conditions for farm animals

o All industrial food products : pre-cooked meals, sweet drinks, frozen foods, preserves, ice creams and pastries

o A poorly differentiated and unbalanced diet

On top of that, when we are stressed, we eat little, irregularly, badly and quickly . All the conditions are therefore met to create a micronutrient deficit which will gradually lead to various health problems. You collect all the germs, you are tired, you have oral problems, cramps, a depressive tendency, a decrease in libido, skin problems, migraines and on top of that you gain weight. A few years later you are entitled to chronic or degenerative diseases: cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, cancer. Tell yourself that stress has pushed you to the wrong side.

Here is an ideal trace element complex in case of overwork and stress:

Trace elements Mg-Zn-Mn-Li-Cr-Se 150 ml

Magnesium: Nervous and muscular balancer, against spasms and muscle cramps, cardioprotective. Acts against fatigue, improves the quality of sleep.

Zinc: Intervention in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, plays a role in the structure of many hormones, in the processing of certain vitamins, in the transmission of information at the cerebral level and in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Manganese: At the center of the fight against oxidative stress, it is necessary in the elimination of free radicals, helps the synthesis of antibodies and thyroid hormones, as well as many processes bringing energy to our cells. It is a general anti-aging and anti-asthenic.

Lithium: This element is vital in very small quantities for emotional and psychic balance, against anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

Chromium: Element regulating the level of insulin and fatty acids in the blood, it contributes to the prevention of diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases due to fatty acids and cholesterol. Its absorption decreases with age.

Selenium: It is the antioxidant trace element par excellence. It participates in the metabolism and the elimination of free radicals, protects the cardiovascular system, and has a recognized preventive action against the occurrence of certain cancers (prostate).

Using advice:

Take 5 ml under the tongue, in the morning on an empty stomach. It is advisable to do a cure of 3 months.

B. Information specific to a therapeutic means

How trace elements can help you?

Preventive and curative effects

When you have an active life, it is difficult to escape malnutrition. A sandwich, a salad, a pizza, a pasta dish, it's so simple. Healthy and balanced cooking takes a lot of time. Our diet is therefore very poor in nutrients, it is therefore necessary to add food supplements. When health problems are already there, you have to be much more specific with the body's needs, which is why we use trace elements. Taking them is easy. Dispensed in infinitesimal doses, they are safe (they are not drugs), they have no contraindications or side effects; they can be associated with any other medication in allopathic medicine (taking medication) or complementary medicine (homeopathy, herbal medicine, etc.). Only treatments based on corticosteroids or psychotropics can interfere with the activity of trace elements, it is then necessary to refer to the opinion of the attending physician.

Prescribed doses and cures

The trace elements administered in an adequate form by sublingual route are catalysts which act by their qualitative and not quantitative presence. Therefore taking one or two doses every day is sufficient and does not vary regardless of sex, age or weight. The concept of dose may vary depending on the preparation, ask your pharmacist. The duration of the cures can vary from several weeks to several months.

C. Information specific to a pathology

The signs of stress

o You are restless and constantly worried . You have lost the joy of living

o You behave abruptly and avoid demanding situations

o You are quickly annoyed by what is happening around you and have difficulty concentrating

o You have the feeling of running out of time , while you lack priorities

o Unplanned tasks invade your agenda, you have lost sight of your personal goals

o You have more or less serious incidents or accidents due to your inattention

o You consider your work as a problem, a constraint. Highly retirement !

o You are always tired when you get up in the morning, a sign of nervous fatigue

o You start to somatize: headaches, insomnia, back pain, heartburn, skin problems

o You tend to isolate yourself. You abuse television, tobacco, caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

If you have any doubts about your state of stress, go to a pharmacy and have your blood pressure checked.

The spiral of stress

The human body is a marvelous machine that demonstrates a fantastic capacity for adaptation. If you live in a difficult situation for a few months and then calmly regain control of your life, there will be no pathological consequences. The danger is that the man gets used to everything and you end up finding it normal to be in an abnormal situation . As a result, you always bear a little more. You are like a driver whose red lights in his car come on and who, because it annoys him, unplugs the dashboard. Breakage is inevitable, it's just a matter of time. 60 to 80% of work accidents are due to stress according to the American Institute of Stress. According to another American study, the majority of medical consultations have a state of stress as their original cause , which your doctor will probably confirm.

Our “Pharma Advice” team

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