The 9 tips to preserve your youth

We are always living longer, it is the result of advances in medicine, there is no denying it. However, "longevity" is often desired only if "quality of life" is maintained.

Quality of life means staying vibrant and looking young. The genes we carry within us are probably partly responsible for our good health, and unfortunately in this case we are not all equal. However, advances in medicine and science have shown us that with good habits taken early in life, proper nutrition, we can help our body stay young and healthy longer.

Adequate nutrition is not always obvious: In the West at least, we are more sedentary than a century ago, we have automatically reduced the volume of our plate because we burn fewer calories. This translates into the possible appearance of deficiencies of various micronutrients, trace elements, vitamins, which are essential for our health.

This is where the interest of food supplements takes on its full meaning, helping us to overcome shortcomings and maintain our vitality, keep our bones and joints in good condition, keep our skin elastic and look young longer!

The Vita range offers a whole range of high quality food supplements intended for everyone, for each stage of life, to preserve your vitality. Try them, you won't be disappointed!

Our advices :

DO :

  • Pay particular attention to your diet: Choose whole grains rich in fiber, seeds such as almonds and walnuts, rich in Omega-3 for breakfast. Supplement with fruits rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, kiwis, etc.) Reduce your meat consumption to 1-2 times per week maximum. Your plate should be composed as follows: ½ part of vegetables, ¼ of proteins, ¼ starches.
  • Twice a year (spring and fall), consider doing a detox cure, to cleanse your organs of elimination, with Vita Amaraxanthin for example.
  • Drink mainly water, green tea, rich in antioxidants, herbal teas. Moderate coffee consumption. Drink enough throughout the day (1.5 liters per 24 hours). All your organs and especially your skin will thank you!
  • Practice a regular physical activity adapted to you (walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.). The regular mobilization of your muscles and joints prevents their degeneration, and stimulates the production of growth hormones, a natural anti-aging! Complete your diet with the Vita Collagen Complex Plus Drink, the most complete formula to maintain vitality for a long time.
  • Take care of the quality of your sleep: Do not go to bed after midnight, sleep enough without getting up too late, in order to respect your day-night cycle. Poor quality sleep creates stress that disrupts your entire organism. During times of life in high demand, support your body and mind with Vita Neuroxanthin , rich in antioxidants and vitamins, preserving your nervous system.


  • Prolonged exposure to the sun: Even if it is essential for morale and the synthesis of vitamin D, it accelerates the aging of the skin, increases the occurrence of wrinkles, not to mention the many skin cancers.
  • Industrial and processed foods as much as possible: They have hidden fats, hidden sugars, additives and preservatives suspected of disrupting our endocrine system and our intestinal flora.
  • Sugary drinks, sodas, alcohol, also watered down drinks, they deceive your feeling of satiety and push you to eat more...
  • Tobacco obviously, smoking accelerates the aging of all your organs!