Our 10 tips for a successful detox cure

In short, by "drainage" we mean the cleaning of our body's elimination pathways, or "emunctories", which are mainly the liver, the kidneys, and the intestines, but also the lungs and the skin.

"Detoxifying" means getting rid of our waste products from our metabolism, but also of chemicals ingested through food or the environment, whether they are useless or potentially dangerous. And if these are not directly toxic to our body, they unnecessarily mobilize our emunctory organs, and even our immune system!

Our ancestors were already talking about a detox cure when spring came, after a winter diet that was too rich in fats and meats. But beware: excessive cures can also be harmful: loss of electrolytes and nutrients, dehydration, etc.

Advice from your pharmacist:

DO :

  1. Adapting your detox cure according to your state of health and lifestyle is perhaps the main watchword! It should not prevent you from living your daily activities and occupations, at least in the long term.
  2. A good detox cure is accompanied by a good diet, it would be a shame to clog up your body after having taken all the trouble to clean it...
  3. Reduce calorie intake, without eliminating it: sugars, white flours, etc. Promote seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  4. Cut down on coffee and all caffeinated beverages, which increase fluid retention.
  5. Be sure to hydrate well, drink plenty of water, or possibly herbal teas with a draining action.
  1. To condemn you for 6 weeks to organic kiwi juice and raw carrots! A detox cure can mean food restriction, but must be limited in duration and frequency!
  2. Deli meats, red meat.
  3. Coffee, spirits, and anything that overloads the liver.
  4. To start a detox cure without the advice of your doctor if you suffer from a chronic illness.
  5. To do a detox cure while you are under significant drug treatment.