Asthma and Ventolin: Beware of Inappropriate Uses

In pollen season, many of us are more or less confronted with what is called "hay fever".

This results in an inflammation of our respiratory mucous membranes, giving rise to repeated sneezing, red and watery eyes, but some are more strongly inconvenienced and can develop inflammation in the bronchi, which can cause asthma.

Asthma in a nutshell is the narrowing of the bronchial space, thus decreasing the volume of inhaled air. Less air means less oxygen, and this can range from simple discomfort with physical activity to life-threatening, in severe cases. If you have asthma, you may have been prescribed Ventolin, to treat your asthma due to exertion, or in addition to another treatment to treat beginner or moderate asthma.

Many patients find this remedy very effective, not to say miraculous, because this bronchodilator quickly relaxes the bronchial muscles and allows you to regain normal breathing in 10 minutes. Hence a danger for asthmatics to minimize their condition, and to treat themselves only with this product.

Remember that this medicine acts only on the musculature of the bronchi by relaxing it. Your respiratory volume increases rapidly and you breathe better. It's only temporary, and if you don't have a background treatment (corticosteroids) to control the inflammation and slow down the disease, beware of the backlash!

Morality: Only your doctor knows what treatment is best suited for you, follow his instructions….