ALLERGIES: Advice from your pharmacist

DO :

  1. Consult the pollen bulletins, there are a multitude of them, for example the "Pollen-News" application.
  2. Ventilate the rooms only briefly during the pollen season, except in rainy weather, or if anti-pollen screens have been installed on the windows.
  3. Clean and dust your home regularly.
  4. Change clothes when you get home, wash your hair before going to bed.
  5. Wear sunglasses when the pollen count is high, and especially if it is windy.
  6. If you need an antihistamine during pollen season, take it 1 hour before outdoor sports activity. For what ? Because physical effort can multiply the allergic reaction, and the action of anti H1 will be maximum upstream of the phenomenon!


  1. To let an allergy settle: Leaving a well-manifested allergy at a permanent allergen level can become complicated: asthma, breathing difficulties, etc.
  2. To dry clothes outside.
  3. Driving with the windows open.
  4. To eat certain fruits and vegetables that may present a cross allergy: for example, in case of allergy to birch and alder, avoid celery, apples and cherries.