Overcome exam stage fright the natural way

A. Prescription to treat a pathology with a therapeutic means

What to do to help your brain

When you are confronted by the examiner and you feel your head dropping, adopt this behavior.

  • Breathing

The person who has stage fright automatically goes into apnea. She only breathes briefly. Try raising your bed. At the moment of the effort to draw on the arms, your breathing will stop. It's the same mechanism with stage fright, you're ready for action: run away or fight, the problem is that you don't move. Become aware of this phenomenon, straighten up and try to breathe calmly, regularly and deeply. After three or four breaths, you will feel an inner improvement. Continue as long as stage fright threatens.

  • The action

Now that you've got your head back, plant yourself on your feet, look straight ahead, stop thinking, and rush into action. Stage fright will disappear as if by magic. Keep your head in the handlebars until you have crossed the finish line and above all trust yourself, the memory will come back, listen to yourself, follow your instincts.


Stage fright comes like a storm. The weather is turning, the wind is picking up, the air is charged with electricity. From the beginning, take matters into your own hands.


Current energy remedies

  • Homeopathy – to get you in shape

The night before, in the morning and just before the action and even during, take 5 or 6 granules of Gelsemium in 9CH. The base is a Virginia plant which is a natural anxiolytic, so it reduces anxiety. There is no longer a trace of active ingredient in the homeopathic preparation, so there is no possible drug interaction.

  • Fleur du Dr.Bach – to regain calm

To be taken whenever you lose your footing. Choose “Mimulus”, nutmeg. A few drops on the tongue are enough, you can renew at will. It is the cure for secret fears. Here too, you have no fear, it is an action similar to homeopathy, of which Dr. Bach was a convinced connoisseur.


Remedies in herbal medicine before the moment

  • Our product “ Phytostandard Hawthorn-Passiflora ”: Associated with Hawthorn, cardioprotective and anti-palpitations, Passionflower is a climbing plant that treats anxiety, sleep disorders, hypertension linked to emotionality. It can be taken at the rate of one to two capsules per day, during the month preceding your performance.
  • While preparing for your performance, take our “ Memory Herbal Extract” . The Ginkgo present in this mixture will contribute to better oxygenation of your brain, by improving blood circulation. You will be more efficient at memorizing large amounts of information in a short time.
  • If you feel anxiety mixed with fatigue, take our “Plant Extract Action ”: This preparation contains Rhodiola, a powerful adaptogen, which will improve your alertness while controlling your anxiety. It is associated with Guarana, a general tonic.
  • For breakfast or to replace a meal, oatmeal porridge with yogurt, enriched with fruit, raisins, nuts and honey. Oats are an excellent regulator of hunger and blood sugar. It will save you from snacking all day to fill your anxiety.


B. Information specific to therapeutic means

How herbal medicine can help you?

Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants in different forms to treat health problems. It is a medicine that dates back to the highest antiquity. Although most of these plants can be found over the counter, see in gardens, you should never forget that by ingesting them you absorb active ingredients that can have side effects or interactions with medications you take. . Never eat a plant that you do not know well or that has been recommended to you by someone without medical training. Ask your pharmacist first what he thinks.


How energy remedies can help you?

Energy remedies include Chinese acupuncture, several thousand years old, homeopathy, which is already more than two hundred years old, and Dr. Bach's flower essences, which are just over a century old. These energy therapies have healed hundreds of millions of people on the planet every year for generations. Just because our science is unable to explain how energy medicine works does not mean that these practices should be dismissed as worthless. For over a hundred years, we didn't know why aspirin relieved headaches. That hasn't stopped doctors from prescribing it and people from consuming it. One day, probably we will know. In the meantime, let's show humility and pragmatism, if energy medicine helps you, use it. She is harmless. Our scientific medicine cannot say the same.


One last tip

Never take a medicine that you think is suitable for your problem without consulting your pharmacist, the remedy could turn out to be worse than the disease.


C. Information specific to a pathology

What is stage fright? Dr. Daniel Scimeca

“Fright is not an anxiety like the others. It is an anxiety by anticipation which paralyzes and which seems to prevent us from facing a unique situation. When the actor comes on stage, it's now, not tomorrow, not later. When you take an exam, it's that day and no other. This impossibility of stepping back, of adapting, of coping with the difficulty gives stage fright a dramatic character”.


The signs of stage fright

“Having stage fright is therefore this feeling, this sensation that has become physical of being hounded by the public, the examiner. The voice changes, the hands are shaking, the legs seem to go limp, the head is no longer balanced, the heart is pounding, the sweat is profuse and the stomach is in knots. But there is worse, the tremors come to testify to the face of the world of what we wanted to hide. »


The mechanics of stage fright

My imagination creates a disaster scenario where I scare myself. By an archaic process my body will put itself in a situation of survival: fight or flee. But I can't do one or the other. All the summoned and unused energy will create an enormous pressure in me which will make me incapable of any appeal to my memory or my rationality. So that's the hole, the blank page.


Our “Pharma Advice” team

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