Calm your anxieties with nutrition

A. Prescription to treat a pathology with a therapeutic means

What to do to strengthen your organization?

You have been under stress, anxious, for some time now. Your body is in a situation of permanent imbalance. It would be a good idea to consolidate your metabolism to regain tone on different levels. By using micronutrition, you can precisely target the elements that are needed to regain your mental strength and balance. For the advice below, he treats your body on three levels that complement each other. So you can take them at the same time. Nevertheless, if a choice has to be made to begin with, choose the water corrective, then the psychic tone over a long term (one month or more) and throughout the period the physical tone by cures of 10 days, break of 15 days and reprise.

o Psychic tone

Help the nervous system to function efficiently. For this you need B vitamins and magnesium. You will find a good mix in Vita Neuroxanthin . To be taken rather in the evening, magnesium causing muscle relaxation, it will help you sleep.

o Physical tone

Phycocyanin extracted from arthrospira platensis algae, present in massive doses in Blue'Up will give you energy through its action on mental weariness and mental fatigue (overwork). It is a detoxifier and a protection of the kidneys and the liver, it reinforces the protection of your cells and the blood system, it will therefore boost your immune system. Now is not the time to get sick. Powerful antioxidant and anti-radical, it helps fight against oxidative stress by protecting your cells from aging.

o Water corrective

Stress causes cortisone to be produced in the body. A mechanism that facilitates healing and tolerance to pain that dates back to the time when men spent most of their time in physical activities such as hunting or war. Result today, you are stressed, you do not eat anything and you gain weight. Rest assured, cortisone causes water retention. The Stress and water retention mixture helps you during periods of high stress and restores the nervous-hydric balance.

o The issue of sleep

When we are healthy, we sleep well and we wake up rested. If you sleep badly, there can be several reasons for this: Do you eat too heavy in the evening, at late hours? Do you take stimulants at the end of the day, such as coffee, alcohol? Remember to prepare your body well for restorative sleep: Avoid coffee, alcohol, eat light in the evening, go for a walk to relax and oxygenate yourself. The sleeping pill is a bad-good idea, especially when it becomes a habit.

B. Information specific to a therapeutic means

How can your food hygiene help you?

Your body is telling you the truth: you need to change your life. But change requires personal resources that you no longer have. The urgency is therefore to regain strength. First, the simplest thing you can do is change your eating habits. If you are not comfortable with yourself, avoid loading the boat. Here are some basic principles:

o Avoid red meat which is a stimulant. You're pissed off enough as it is. Replace red meat with "all that flies and all that swims". Protein (meat, cheese, eggs) should not exceed 30% of your rations. Nevertheless, they are important for their supply of L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid for mental well-being.

o For the rest, become vegetarian again: wholemeal bread, pasta, rice, cereals, vegetables, salad

o Cut out alcohol. Its consumption relaxes but also excites, moreover it strongly reduces cognitive abilities

o Eliminate coffee at the end of the day, as well as all drinks containing caffeine. These are exciting, incompatible with anxiety attacks. After the meal, try a cup of hot, infused or even plain water. It facilitates digestion.

Apart from that...

o Avoid industrial foods: frozen meals, canned goods, cold cuts, no need to overload your liver with chemical additives.

o Watch out for anything loaded with sugar like cookies, ice cream, sodas, bottled fruit juices. They are certainly good for morale, but in small quantities. The trap, when you take it, you never have enough and you risk falling into an addiction, which will disrupt your digestion and make you gain weight. The rule without frustration: A little pleasure a day, no more!

You don't have to do everything from day one. The important thing is to be vigilant and constant in your determination.

One last tip

The recommendations that we give you are intended to give you strength to undertake changes for a better life. Whether you follow them or not, if your situation worsens, see a doctor.

C. Information specific to a pathology

signs of fear

Anxiety is a state described as a feeling of suffocation, of tightness in the chest. If it persists, this feeling causes a lasting mood change and sometimes the appearance of physical pain (somatization). This psychic state is part of the emotional domain of fear , which ranges from worry to panic attacks and anxiety. These are emotions that tell us that we can no longer bear our situation, they help us to survive. Something has to change.

The spiral of malaise

Our work, but also our society (family, social life, etc.) puts us under increasing pressure. This stress pushes us to fill our time with activities deemed urgent (rightly or wrongly) and we enter a vicious circle: having to do everything without succeeding gives us an image of permanent failure. The loss of control in our life increases the malaise, ensues an overwork and a growing personal devaluation. If we do not get out of this negative spiral, it can lead us to serious physical and mental dysfunctions. The body no longer follows, the mind lets go. The " burnout " is not far away, the risk of " metabolic syndrome " threatens.

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