How to enhance vitality in men

vitality in man

In recent years, our society has evolved a lot in the direction of more equality between the sexes, sexist clichés are no longer fashionable, not to say banished, in sexuality tolerance and respect for everyone are advocated.

However, we men, in our heart of hearts, desire at all times to be in top form, to be able to seduce, love, reassure, and always find it difficult to accept some flaws in our sexual vitality, the causes of which are various:

We must first rule out those that are physiological, linked to a present pathology such as hypertension, diabetes, hormonal deficit, etc. In this case, only a medical consultation can remedy it. But there are also normal and natural sexual breakdowns, conditioned by stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of rest or physical exercise, and there is no need to panic. Just like our nights and our sleep, there are ups and downs. Many dietary supplements exist to help us preserve our vitality, ranging from ancestral plants to the latest cocktails, which act on microcirculation, help preserve our hormonal balance, optimize energy production by our cells, improve their oxygenation, etc.

DO :

  1. A breakdown or a lack of desire can happen to everyone. The first thing to do is to talk with the partner, listen, let yourself be listened to, and with a session of relaxation and cuddles, everything can start again.
  2. Why not a glass of champagne: a little alcohol helps to disinhibit, but beware of excess, because any abuse will have the opposite effect...
  3. Some foods are said to be aphrodisiacs because they help improve blood circulation. Think of spicy dishes, containing ginger. Why deprive yourself of it?
  4. Not everyone needs Viagra immediately: The Vita Energy Complex for Men dietary supplement cure is a concentrate of vitamins and nutrients that boosts your energy, optimizes blood circulation, prevents cell degeneration thanks to antioxidants, and can be taken at any age.


  1. To stress: The physiology of erection is stimulated our parasympathetic nervous system, that of rest and restoration. If we are anxious, we produce adrenaline and everything stops, in favor of the sympathetic nervous system, the one that prepares us for combat and action.
  2. Alcohol abuse, which will have an inhibiting effect on erectile functions.
  3. Tobacco, sleeping pills, certain drugs that can have an inhibiting effect on libido.
  4. Not everyone needs Viagra, a drug that is certainly effective but intended for erectile dysfunction of organic origin, and which will be prescribed by your doctor who will have made this diagnosis.