Vitamins: For whom? for when ?

As the name suggests, vitamins are substances vital to the functioning of our body. These are organic molecules produced by nature, of animal or plant origin, which humans obtain through food.

But now, in an industrialized world like ours, our diet does not always benefit from a sufficient supply of vitamins, because intensive agriculture does not allow plants to produce enough of these substances. Then, in our more sedentary world, the volume of our plate has decreased, because we consume fewer daily calories than in the past, when we traveled mainly on foot or on horseback...

For all these reasons, supplementing our diet with vitamins may be necessary. This is particularly for growing children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people on diets (vegetarians, vegans), or those with illnesses that could affect the absorption of vitamins (Crohn's disease, bypass, etc.). With age, the need for vitamins and antioxidants is essential to prevent aging and stay fit longer.

However, excessive intake of certain vitamins (such as vitamin A) can be toxic and harm your health; check the compositions and avoid combining the preparations without the advice of a specialist. And do not forget that the basis of your vitality is first of all the variety of your diet.

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